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Our mission at Lehr Music is to provide effective music promotion services for independent music groups. Our staff has the experience and connections needed to help those with talent succeed. Among our most accomplished clients is the band The Clay Markley Crisis.

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Connecting new musicians and groups with audiences that will appreciate their art is our goal at Lehr Music LLC of Memphis, Tennessee. We are an independent record label offering a label contract to those with true talent. Our label works with these artists to develop them and ultimately get them to the next level.

As innovators in the music industry, providing our artists with fair and transparent services and agreements is a vital component of our business practices. The artists are the label, and Lehr Music LLC only makes money when the artists make money.

Our ears are tuned to finding new music that has not been heard before. The joy and magic that comes with polishing rough stones into musical gems that will be listened to and enjoyed by many is why we do what we do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to discover real talent and giftedness and release it to the world, and also to release again real music that is good music. We want to release the purity of music. We want the music to be remembered for years to come.

Member of ASCAP© (American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers)


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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