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Music Promotion for Independent Bands

At Lehr Music LLC of Memphis, Tennessee, we are music promotion experts who focus on helping those producing independent music reach out to audiences everywhere. Our team will help you with everything from preparing your new singles to scheduling upcoming shows.

Our Bands and Acts

Lehr Music LLC works with all genres of music, primarily focusing on soul music. Connecting you with our musicians is our mission. We strive to make it easy for people to discover and sample your songs.

The Clay Markley Crisis

Our team has recently released the album, Ultrasounds, available now on our
Shop Now page by the band The Clay Markley Crisis. They are an alternative rock band, which includes, Clay Markley lead singer and lead guitarist, Zak Gardiner on bass guitar, and Chris Keels on the drums, that creates songs based on the life of the lead singer, Clay Markley. As a young man from Wisconsin, Clay started fresh in Memphis where he signed with Lehr music in 2013. His songs deal with themes such as discovering the joys of love with a young woman, personal growth and self reflection. For more info on The Clay Markley Crisis, and to sample their previously released singles, click the EPK link below:

The Clay Markley Crisis

The Clay Markley Crisis Single Cover

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Upcoming Performances

The Clay Markley Crisis will have a show on April 15 in Jackson, Tennessee, at the AMP. This is a benefit event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in its mission to help children heal.

Our Markets

With over 30 online markets available, it is easier than ever to discover and sample new artists and songs in the musical genres you love. Some of the markets we regularly release songs to include:

• iTunes®
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• YouTube

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